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About us

The Green Energy Cluster deals with implementation of new technologies and organisational solutions for generation of energy from renewable sources: wind, water, solar radiation, biogas, geothermal energy and development of smart electricity grids (Smart Grid). Cooperation within the Cluster provides research and development plans, modernisation and production of facilities for the most effective generation of energy. At the same time we encourage and help investing in such projects. Among others, the following institutions are willing to join the Green Energy Cluster: Association of Polish Electrical Engineers (SEP), PSE Operator and the Polish National Energy Conservation Agency S.A. (KAPE).


The Green Energy Cluster concentrates on:

  • economic growth of the member companies,

  • monitoring of technological trends, B2B cooperation and technology transfer,

  • improving mechanisms of financing innovative companies and projects,

  • social and marketing campaigns,

  • attracting foreign and national investors,

  • taking legislative initiatives and lobbying for development of renewable energy infrastructure.

Diversification of energy sources, improving energy efficiency and making efforts to achieve energy self-sufficiency. These assumptions are the targets of all countries in the world and one of EU priorities. Adaptation of renewable energy sources is the way to achieve the abovementioned goals. Despite an enormous potential of renewable energy sources Poland is still far behind other European Union member states. We also lack energy infrastructure. For example the wiring level of low voltage networks (underground) in Polish villages does not exceed 3%, while Netherlands and Belgium have over 100% of wiring underground and in ducts.


Individual projects executed under the Green Energy Cluster assume a legal form of consortium. Detailed information concerning the procedure of joining the group is presented in the Entering GE tab. The contractual agreements made under the Green Energy Cluster consortium, in detail determine the objectives, principles of operation and organizational forms.